Buster can fly!

Buster doesn’t like drones very much, or perhaps he likes them too much. Either way, he was doing everything in his power to get the FFF drone out of the sky!



Yesterday, the male proprietor of Furry Friend Farm was viciously attacked by Buster the pibble, who is still looking for a forever home.

I was just mindlessly surfing the internet, when all of a sudden I felt two big paws on my right shoulder. As soon as I turned my head to see what was attacking me, I found myself in the middle of a ferocious tongue-lashing by the biggest baby pibble you’ve ever seen!”, said the victim.

“It must’ve lasted three minutes; he was relentless”, he continued.

The crazed pibble only stopped the vicious attack when he attempted (unsuccessfully, AGAIN) to make friends with one of the feline residents of Furry Friend Farm that happened upon the grisly scene.

“It’s a good thing Ron Swanson came into the room and distracted Buster when he did; he was doing everything he could do to get into my lap”, the victim was quoted as saying.

The male proprietor of Furry Friend Farm recovered from the attack with a hot shower, and Buster pouted for an hour because Ron Swanson (the feline that created the distraction) chose to nap instead of playing with him.


What is a pibble?

The pit bull is a category of dogs that is often maligned and misunderstood. Most folks who have a pit bull as a pet will tell you that they are big babies. Since the term “pit bull” has such negative connotations, many rescue and advocacy groups use the term “pibble.” It’s a sweeter word that better exemplifies what so many of these dogs really are, silly, loyal, lovely companions who just want to play and run and love on their family.


Buster is, for sure, way more of a Pibble than a Pit Bull.

Pibble Attack!

It would be irresponsible to not divulge that Buster has been known to attack. He will sit far away on the couch, then stretch his long arms out. Then he scoots forward. All of a sudden, there he is, snuggled up under your arm and out of nowhere…..the licking begins. Buster’s forever family must love puppy kisses because he cannot hold his licker.